A downloadable tool for Windows

A simple world generator, using the Perlin noise algorithm.

Save generated worlds as .png images, or export them to Minecraft saves.

Exported saves may cause Minecraft to crash.

Uses the SFML library, with dear imgui and imgui + sfml for graphics, and zlib for exporting Minecraft saves.

Only the Windows executable is available for now, I may release a Linux version and/or the sources later.

The Windows executable should work without any additional files (.dll), but if it's not the case, feel free to ask me for the missing files.

More information

Published276 days ago
Release date276 days ago
TagsGenerator, minecraft, perlin-noise, world-generator


WorldGenerator - Windows - 1.0.3.zip (668 kB)


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Where are the "screenshots" saving? Because i cant find them anywhere, and no files with the given filename ("2017-04-06_......png") exist.

Also, when setting a custom seed, it would be helpful if i could type the seed, rather than clicking and dragging until i get to the right number. "-1206496754" was really annoying to set...